Monday, December 15, 2008

Last Minute Gift Ideas From Santa

With just a few more days before Christmas -- ten to be exact, I thought I'd post some last minute gift ideas from Santa, for the kiddies. A couple of my favorites are really popular items this year. Uberstix has designed some of the most fun scientific building kits around. They fly, they float, and they do just about everything...well, almost everything. The starter kit (left) contains 450 pieces, and has plans for a tower, boat, bridge, ray-gun, and UFO. Complete instructions included. This set is for ages 8+ This manufacturer has over 25 diffrent sets including a sailboat (right), catopalt, pirate ship, and UFO. The Uberarc Series has up to 3200 pieces. These sets are designed to provide hours of fun for you and your child.

International Playthings also boasts some of this years most popular items. This company has a massive selection of toys from birth to 8+ years. What I love about International Playthings is its understanding and dedication to the development of children. And, their products are unique, and just downright fun. Pictured is the award winning Lift off Rocket (left), and Hoppy Bunny, which includes a bunny house, brush, wooden carrot, and care guide.

Some of the more popular games around include the very popular eco-games Xeko, by the Matter Group. There are a total of four missions, Madagaskar, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and China. The plot is to save all of the endangered species of the various regions. Each game includes collectible trading cards of various endangered animals. There are also eco-friendly plush animals that represent some of the world's most endangered animals.

Another company with great toys is Badger Baskets. Their doll furniture is quality handcrafted, and is downright adorable. Pictured left is a doll crib with a storage trundle underneath. All of Badger's cribs include mobiles that actually play music. Badger's inventory also includes doll armoires, changinging tables, strollers (pictured left), and 5 piece doll playsets. Too, too cute!!

Go to for these and other fine items to complete your holiday shopping.

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The Uberstix is a nice gift idea. It will surely bring out the creativity and imaginative mind of kids.