Saturday, November 14, 2009

Top Holiday Picks From Melissa and Doug

The Christmas Holidays are fast upon us. Are you ready? Well we are! One of the hottest items is for Christmas, once again, is the Melissa and Doug Shopping Cart. This cart is just too adorable. Melissa and Doug went all out for this one. An exact replica of the "grown-up" grocery carts, this is one toy that is sure to provide hours of fun for your little one. The grocery cart is constructed of sturdy metal with pivoting wheels, a folding doll seat, and protective corner bumpers.

So, you get the shopping cart, why not purchase the grocery store -- literally. The Melissa and Doug Grocery store doubles as a lemonade stand, for year round fun. This grocery store and stand features removable plastic bins for pretend shopping or storage, removable chalkboard price signs, a spacious countertop and reversible fabric awning!

Your little shoppers will need groceries for their store, and Melissa and Doug has come up with some of the tastiest dishes around. The play foods range from vegetables to sushi to pantry goodies.

And, of course, your accomplished shoppers will need someplace to store all of those goodies. The Melissa and Doug Deluxe Kitchen Play Center is the perfect place. This is a little chef's dream kitchen, with room to prepare, cook, clean and create. This sturdy, durable wooden kitchen includes a stove, refrigerator/freezer, oven, microwave with turntable, and sink.

Find these and other great Holiday gift items at My Kidz Got Style,

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Kidz Got Style Launches It's New Charity, My Baby Needs Clothes

My Kidz Got Style Launches It's New Charity, My Baby Needs Clothes

The Holidays are here, and as a result of the faltering economy, I have decided to expand my charity. I'm not asking for donations here. I don't have millions, but what I do have, is the ability to help a few infant and children that live in poverty. God has blessed me in many ways. One of the ways I can pay him back, is by paying my community back.

I own an infant and children online store. Three years ago I started donating gently used clothing to families within my community. I have also donated to a few community organizations with the stipulation that they could not charge these families. But I want to do more. This is where you can help.

When you make a purchase at My Kidz Got Style,, and you provide me the name of a child that is truly in need, not only do you receive a free gift, but I will send the needy child a gift of clothing in your name. Even if you decide not to purchase anything, please reach out to your community and send a name. So, you see, you can help as well.

In order to qualify, the family must prove that they are currently in dire need.

Stay blessed.

Crescentia O'Neal-Seralathan, Owner

My Kidz Got Style

Monday, October 19, 2009

Last Chance for Monkey Toes Too Cute Halloween Glow Bug Collection

Just 12 more days before Monkey Toes retires its limited edition Halloween Glow Bugs shoes. After October 31, these cuties will be gone, gone, gone. The collection is made up of 6 different styles, and comes in both sneakers and Mary Janes. These cuties actually have eyes that glow in the dark.

To see the full collection, and to get yours before they disappear, please visit:

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Maryland WAHM Business of the Month

I am both thrilled and honored to announce that My Kidz Got Style has been spotlighted as the Business of the Month, by the Maryland WAHM. Checkout the interview. Comments are welcome.

Monday, October 5, 2009

My Favorite Costumes

Wow, where has the time gone? This has been a busy year for My Kidz Got Style. I've really missed my log friends, but now I'm back.

We are coming up on one of my most favorite times of the year, Halloween. And, at My Kidz Got Style, we are ready to help you get those little ghosts and goblins ready for their big adventure. I just thought I would share some of our most popular costumes with you.

The Le Top Halloween costumes are loved by all. These dress-up costumes are classic, and once your little one puts one of these costumes on, you will find you'll have a hard time getting them to take it off. The thing that makes the Le Top costumes popular, is the company's ability to make things "fun." Each Le Top costume comes equipped with a sound box that roars, barks, growls, etc.

Meet Riley the puppy, and Sophie he Poodle. These two are the newest addition to the Le Top Halloween costume family. These cute, adorable, furry puppies would love to make your child their new best friend. Riley and Sophie make barking sounds when your child squeezes the sound box.

Of course, there are still those classic Le Top favorites like Dizzy the Silly Monster, Pinky the Leopard, and Troy the Triceratops .

My next favorite costumes come from Kitty Girl Designs. Each of these stunning Fairy costumes are beautifully hand crafted. The pictures speak for themselves.

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